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Default Patrolman Fatty Collins - In the line of duty

Here's a look at the past. It's from The San Francisco Chronicle's archives 100 years ago............

1908 - Aug. 22: Capt. Thomas Duke and four officers fought with a cur that had taken refuge in the second story of Bantel's Bakery at 10 Turk St. The party was armed with five pistols, a pitchfork, a gunnysack and a biscuit. Though opinions differ as to whether the dog was hydrophobic, its antics terrified everyone. Bantel's owner, on spying the animal, called the riot squad and then took refuge in the bake oven, which was not operating, it being Sunday. Duke assembled his party. One officer, a former Arctic whaler, was taken on account of his dexterity with a harpoon. Another, a former farmer, had been a famous skunk hunter. Patrolman Fatty Collins went along to fall on the dog in case all other weapons failed. Bailiff Mike Walsh came along because Duke said so. Arriving at Turk, the party heard the most blood-curdling yelps. Undaunted, Duke led them upstairs. The former whaler was placed at the door to prevent escape - not of the dog, but of the attacking party. Duke approached the dog and fired four bullets into its body. It received them with indifference, and then started for the party, which, with the exception of Duke, fled to the street. Duke darted up a fire escape. The dog tried to climb the ladder and, failing, ran upstairs to the third floor. Duke repaired to the roof with the intention of dropping Collins through the skylight onto the dog, but there was no way of getting Fatty on the roof.

The party went upstairs and found that the dog was apparently dead. More apparently than really, as the animal charged after being shot once more, and again the party retreated in some disorder.

After some minutes, the men approached the cur and shot it twice more. The former farmer, who often carries a pitchfork under his uniform, jabbed the animal twice through the body. Meantime, Walsh approached with a filched Bantel biscuit and a gunnysack. The dog sniffed the biscuit, then bit Walsh on the shin before expiring. It is said that Walsh will be recommended for promotion.
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