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Bam Bam
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Default Clam Dip

By popular demand, mom's famous dip

1 package cream cheese (soften)
1 8oz sour cream
4 cans chopped clams
fresh squeezed lemon to taste
worstshire to taste
salt and pepper

refridgerate for several hours before eating for best flavor
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......................... ..
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Nice I had a little taste and I liked it. And I dont like seafood
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Strabo & Glazangel
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DirtyRat is an unknown around here

Wow....My Mom made clam dip and i have no idea how she did it, thanks for the recipe!!!
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nothing important to say
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4 cans thats a lot of clams.
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J.T. is just really nice

4 cans confirmed Tuna sized

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Originally Posted by J.T. View Post
4 cans confirmed Tuna sized
Tuna sized clams? Dayum, that's some big clams!
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Team Pink
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Love me some clam....
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Get me outta here!!!
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dbrmama shares all your toys

It was so delicious! The more and bigger clams the better!
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