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Whats up...DICK?!?
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Buggs has quite a few friendsBuggs has quite a few friends

Bout damn time!
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Carefully disguised as a responsible adult
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2BH is just really nice

Vickie Who?

It may not reach the bottom of the well but it sure bangs the hell out of one side!
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I am what I am
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dieseldude has quite a few friendsdieseldude has quite a few friends

Welcome Vickie...and to think that Terry made you neuter him.
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I bounce really well..
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Welcome Vickie! Glad to see you here...
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Insert Catchy Phrase
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Originally Posted by SoCal View Post

Did he make you do this so he can see the Hooliegirl section?
the girls don't even use the hooliegirl section...might as well let the boyz in!!

We tried for awhile, then it was a bust...

glad to see you here, Vicky
You look like I need a drink

Don't get confused between my Personality and my Attitude.
My Personality is who I am, my Attitude depends on who you are!
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Half the fun is getting there
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j-e-l-l-o-dy shares all your toys

Little late... Welcome
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