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Originally Posted by jws View Post
I , as a BLACK AMERICAN have been pulled over COUNTLESS times by the police , in anywhere from Multimillion dollar neighborhoods, to Poverty stricken slums , to Redneck, hillbilly country roads , MOST TIMES while being locked and loaded with a LICENSED , 40 Cal Handgun Sometimes with even more than 1 gun . I have been Searched and questioned , sometimes for HOURS But not ONCE has anything EVER gone violent. WHY ? Because I made 1 choice and 1 choice only , and that was to RESPECT THEIR AUTHORITY , and respect their orders , because I'd rather leave HUMBLE with a HANDSHAKE than leave lifeless in a BODY BAG . Police officers have 1 goal , and 1 goal only . And that is to make it home to their loved ones at the end of shift . If the REST of America , had the SAME AGENDA , This world would be so much different .

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sin cal hd
Its all the previous poster's fault.
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sin cal hd has quite a few friendssin cal hd has quite a few friends

We give Iran a boat load of money. Then the little shits punk our military? Obama's America.
Liberals whinning about right wing media, is like the star football player getting rejected by the head chearleader cause they won't go out with him.
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