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Originally Posted by QH View Post
John Gotti was also known for his charitable giving Howie , troll on...
2014 - A new study suggests that people who have a high moral identity and empathy with a charitable cause are likely to give more to that specific cause.

The study, published in The Journal of Consumer Research, asked several simple questions: Who is more likely to give money to charity? How do those people choose which charities to donate to?

The first answer was simple. People with strong moral values give more dollars to charities. However, the answer to the second question, how those people choose charities, proved more complicated. The answer depended on how donors perceived a certain cause and how much they empathized with charity recipients. For donors, a charity's perception was largely based on if they believed that the recipients were responsible for their own situations.

That makes sense..............

But before you get your panties in a bunch again, I view Limbaugh as an entertainer first and that's what he is good at. His show consists primarily of his monologues, based on the news of the day, interspersed with parody ads, phone calls from listeners, and a variety of running comedy bits. I have no idea why you perceive him as the devil incarnate, and I suspect you've never actually listened to one of his entire 3 hour programs. That being said, take the Limbaugh challenge at:

Just to fire you up, here are some of the on-air jargon he uses, some of which he invented and some of which he popularized. Notable examples include:

"Caller abortion" (Limbaugh's term for disconnecting an unwanted caller, accompanied by the sound effects of screams, a vacuum cleaner and a toilet flushing);[20]
"The Chi-Coms" (The Communist Chinese government);[21]
"Club Gitmo" (The U.S. prison for terrorists in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and a reference to Club Med/Club Fed);[22]
"Drive-by media" (The mainstream media, analogous to "drive-by shooting");[23][24]
"Feminazi" (a portmanteau of "feminist" and "Nazi" that Rush uses to describe a specific subset of radical feminists);[25][26]
"The four corners of deceit": (Limbaugh originally used this commenting on the Climatic Research Unit email controversy, referencing: Government, universities, science, and state-media);[27][28]
"The New Castrati" ("...basically these are people that just have been bullied into total acquiescence to the liberal agenda.");[29]
"The Ninth Circus Court of Appeals" (Refers to The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, noted for its size and for its controversial decisions that are reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court more often than any other U.S. circuit court);[30]
"Operation Chaos" (An effort promoted by Limbaugh to cause chaos in the Democratic Party primaries by encouraging Republican voters to either cross over or change parties in order to vote for whichever candidate is trailing, thus prolonging the primary process);[31]
"State-run media" (Limbaugh's more recent term for the Mainstream media, particularly since Barack Obama assumed office in January 2009);[32]
"Low-information voters" (Popularized in a broadcast following the 2012 presidential election);[33][34][35]
"Gorbasm" (The feeling of euphoria liberals and the left-wing media had for Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev and the hopes that he would save the United States of America from Ronald Reagan);

Limbaugh also coins his own nicknames for various people in the news. Examples include:

"President Kardashian" (Limbaugh's nickname for Barack Obama, in reference to President Obama's perceived celebrity status, like unto the Kardashians);[36]
"Banking Queen" (Limbaugh's term referring to the Chairman of the House Finance and Banking Committee, Barney Frank);[37]
"Calypso Louie" (Limbaugh's nickname for Louis Farrakhan);[38]
"Chuck-U Schumer" (Limbaugh's nickname for US Senator Chuck Schumer);[39]
"David 'Rodham' Gergen" (his nickname for David Gergen, Presidential adviser to Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton and now CNN commentator);[40]
"F. Chuck Todd" (nickname for Chuck Todd, Chief White House Correspondent for NBC News);[41]
"DiFi" (pronounced die-fie -- nickname for Senator Dianne Feinstein (D));[42]
"Dingy Harry" (nickname for Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, analogous to Dirty Harry);[43][44]
"Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz" (nickname for Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz [45]
"The Fruit of Kaboom Bomber" (Umar Mutallab, a Muslim Nigerian citizen who attempted to detonate explosives hidden in his underwear while aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 253 on Christmas Day, 2009; a parody of Fruit of the Loom brand clothing);[46][47]
"Lindsey Grahamnesty" (Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, a portmanteau referencing Graham's support for the "Amnesty Bill");[48][49]
"The Loser" (Presidential candidate Michael Dukakis);[50]
"Ronaldus Magnus" (Latin for "Ronald the Great" in reference to President Ronald Reagan) [51][52]
"Il Papa" (Pope Francis) [53]

I've given up debating with you, but I do have a question....... Why do you despise Limbaugh if you don't listen to him?
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I'm pretty sure that plenty of douches have given away money throughout history.
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