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Default LeMons' Hell on Wheels Rally

24 Hours of LeMons characters invent new wheeled abuse

Jay Lamm, chief perpetrator of the 24 Hours de LeMons races for sub-$500 “cars,” is launching a rally. But not one of those fru-fru rallies with $38 million Bugattis and a Veuve Clicquot nostril flush and seaweed earlobe wax at every rest stop. Oh no. If events like the Mille Miglia, Colorado Grand and the Pebble Beach Motoring Classic (“...the ultimate road trip for enthusiasts with automobiles that have more than a dash of elegance.”) are a little out of your league, may we suggest, at the opposite end of automotive society, the LeMons Rally.

“Aug. 16-20 Hell on Wheels Rally lasts four days, ends at Monterey Weekend, proves even our track events aren't as exhausting as road driving,” reads the breathless release from the LeMons organizers. “Death Valley, CA -- As if driving terrible crapcans in a safe, controlled environment wasn't dicey enough, LeMons is taking its show on the road with the first-ever LeMons Rally. Forget shrimp lattes, 80-mile days and stops at the Louis Vuitton outlet; this ill-advised venture includes super-long stages, Death Valley in high summer, barfy Boardwalk rides and lots of … sweat en route.”

And there is a destination, just like destination travel.

“Kicking off Aug. 16 and ending Aug. 20 at the Concours d'LeMons, it arrives just in time to crap up the otherwise classy environs of Monterey Car Weekend. Assuming, you know, that you make it.”

Indeed, considering the quality of ride the organizers are assuming, making it through Death Valley in the height of summer is by no means a given. Why Death Valley at the height of summer?

“Because it's hard,” Lamm told us. “There are already more than enough soft rallies. You should feel like you've really accomplished something every day. You know, assuming you don't stop to ask yourself if it needed accomplishing in the first place, which of course none of us do.”

Read more:

24 Hours of LeMons characters invent new wheeled abuse

Jay Lamm, chief perpetrator of the 24 Hours de LeMons races for sub-$500
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