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[QUOTE=QH;107990]Yeah Howie and my original question was not tongue and cheek

Originally Posted by QH View Post
Yeah Howie and my original question was not tongue and cheek

Are you arguing that Sharpton is not one of if not the best known black civil rights activist in the country? If not then you have your answer as to why Obama deals with him.

Howie, the rate of white on white murder in poor neighborhoods is the same. Again, it's a socioeconomic problem, not a race problem. People kill people in their own tribes, black or white because that's who they are surrounded by.

Just do a little experiment in your head with me. Lets take Mitt Romney's newborn son and give him to a family in the gang banging projects. Then we'll take the newborn son of a notorious murdering gangbanger and give him to a millionaire white family on Balboa Island. Which child do you think is more likely to commit violent crime in his lifetime. My guess is Romney's blood son is more likely than his adopted son to be a violent thug in that scenario 95 out of 100 times.

We do have a pretty serious implicit racial problem in this country. Just look at the facebook posts about the protesters. How many people ever mentioned a job application as a great way to disperse protester's assuming they are all unemployed bums? How come we never saw a single thing like that about the Bundy protesters?? Why is it ok for Bundy protester's to point loaded AR15's at law enforcement but even peaceful protest is derided when blacks do it?
Bob…… please watch these videos to the end. I can’t say it any better than black minister Johnathan Gentry and these black activists. This thread was started to highlight the absurdity of race and politics that brought out the loony left agitators. This is not to diminish the efforts of the truely motivated folks who want to prevent these kinds of events from happening all to frequently. Lets try to keep old Bundy and Mitt Romney out of racial politics in this string

Rev. Gentry:
Black Activists:

I stand by my previous statement: “If you can’t see that he’s always been a professional race baiter and shakedown artist, I just don’t know what to say other than your liberalism just amazes me. Why would any president want to associate with this character?” It surely does not say much for Obama’s choice of an White House advisor.

What have Sharpton and Jackson done for the black community that could be considered of any been of any significant value or benefit? Sharpton certainly is no Martin Luther King.

Why can't you as a white guy see the big picture the same as Rev. Gentry and the black activists?
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