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Originally Posted by Big Buford View Post

You know what would make a great marketing pic is to cut the pleats on the stock and aftermarket filters and lay them side by side. The after market would probably wrap all the way around the rzr The inner filter should never be removed from the housing except to change. One of it's main functions is to not allow any dirt into the engine while changing the outer filter. Only thought I had on the extra external filter was would it slow down the flow of air entering the housing and not allow the dust to be flung against the housing walls and out the trap. Looks great, gona do the same thing on the buggy
I had to remove the inner filter because people on the RZR forums wanted to see pics. Besides there was no dust We're thinking and my bro agrees that the area of the external filter is far greater than the 3 inch inlet. When we were at Big Tree's, 7000 + feet I felt te elevation a little bit with the stock setup. Up at the rubicon about the same elevation it ran great so I think it's actually better than stock as far as air volume. I wsa actually more worriend about the accordian hose screwing the airflow, but it ran really good. We'll be selling with smooth tubing though... It's a bit of overkill filtering wise, but cleaning the external filter is a breeze maintenance wise and I don't think we'll ever have to clean the inner filters...
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