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Originally Posted by QH View Post

So why do they mod the lower level wranglers and not the Rubicons? I'm guessing because they replace half the running gear so why buy the more expensive model? I'm thinking of getting the Rubicon Unlimited and adding just a small lift and bigger tires...

I think mainly because they are cheaper to begin with. Problem is the cheaper ones dont have the bigger transfer case and only have Dana 35 axles so once you get to a 35 of bigger they are your weak link. Rubicons come with Dana 44's more gear, bigger better transfer case, Lockers, sway bar disconnect ( but most go with a manual one once lifting because of possible breakage of the factory one) I believe they are an 1' taller and I believe come with some skid plates??

I chose a Rubicon for most of those reasons but have friends who run the cheaper ones lifted with no issues.

PS I use the term cheaper ones just because I dont feel like naming the other models. The Sahara isnt cheap.
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