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Default Calistoga AMA National Dirt Track Half Mile

Dennis, myself and former a soccer coach of my daughters who's dad raced Flat track all headed down to Calistoga for a National Half Mile race this past weekend. If you've never seen a Mile or Half Mile National and get the chance, GO! Think 100 mph on a Harley, sideways in a corner within inches of each other... Great time and GREAT racing.

Dennis might still be down there glued to this bike, try as we might we couldn't pry him away. Kenny Roberts TZ 750 2 stroke Triple, outlawed soon after it debuted and even scared the shit out of King Kenny. Of course he smoked everyone on it...

49 Harley tracker

Triumph TT, old school dirt bike

Still one of my all time favorite motorcycles, a pristine Rickman BSA

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