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Originally Posted by QH View Post
Just fuckin with you dude... The best way I can explain it is a way a baseball fan should be able to understand. A lot of people see baseball as the same repetitive boring thing over and over again, but if you know the game then you know the strategy changes with each and every pitch and that's the beauty of the game, the chess match that goes on and soccer is much the same story. The casual fan just has no idea how physical a game soccer is at the highest youth levels, let alone the Mens World Cup. My daughter played for u17 and u18 national championships and she looked like she wrecked her dirt bike after matches with bruises and scrapes all over her body and she was usually the one delivering the blows. We visited every corner of the country, literally and I didn't like soccer much either until I learned the game watching matches at all those big tournaments with my daughters national level coaches who explained the game to me while it was being played. It's not for everybody, nothing is but I totally get the global popularity of soccer nowdays. Motocross is still my favorite sport...
I know your messin with me. What I can't stand about soccer and the players, is the blatant flops and the refs being baught. They make so many bad calls. Baseball is boring but it was great to play.
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