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Dungey is off the hook, the guy has finally found his lane and knows when to make the pass. The last few tracks have been really tough, especially for trying to overtake another rider, short lanes, sharp turns. Musquin is doing great for a rookie season, but that guy is tiny, and I think his lack of weight is hurting him on the bigger bike, to much power and not being able to throw it around, he is a beast thought.

James is in the same boat as Reed, they are old, time to hang it up brother, you guys were bad ass in your time, much respect but.....time

Tomac, Canard, Brayton, you guys are not that good yet, still rookie riders that need more training to step up to the big Boys.

Anderson, I'm waiting to see him step up, dudes got potential, same with Malcom, that dude rides on the edge like RV, will be a major contendor. Davalo's come on Team Husky!

I'm getting tired of the Barcia/Yamaha/Toyota commercials, does he even ride anymore?
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