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Originally Posted by 56Nomad View Post
The intent of the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008 was to help victims of sex trafficking. The law contains provisions for protection of those who are categorized as victims of human trafficking, primarily for sex, smuggling, and forced labor forms of exploitation. That is why it had bipartisan support. Obama used this law to allow and encourage a mass migration of families with children to come across our Southern borders.

So my point is that if the administration is so cavalier with allowing "anyone" coming over the border with infections...... could it be possible if the Ebola strikes Mexico or Central America, we might have some problems?
I hate to keep correcting you but your wrong. Section 235, entitled "Enhancing Efforts to Combat the Trafficking of Children," requires*humane treatment of minors crossing the border from foreign nations. It also mandates "safe and secure placements," calling for careful consideration when placing unaccompanied minors in residences within the United States. That's why Boehner wanted to amend the law.
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