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I added this to the form letter...

My son is almost 12 years old, and has Down's Syndrome.
He has successfully mastered his own ATV, and he now rides "solo", as does his sister on her own quad. We take Family rides together and enjoy Johnson Valley the most, because we are not constantly having to fear overcrowded trails, and constant threat of oncoming riders. This is one of the most wide open and safest areas for us to ride, and for the kids to comfortably hone their skills, as well as learn the beauty of the deserts and how to respect and preserve it.

We all ride with cargo bags attached to our machines, and one of my "Requirements" is to return from each trail ride, with trash picked up along the trail. The kids think of it more like a "Treasure hunt", and enjoy it very much.

Please do not take this away from my kids, as well as my family and friends.

Thank You,
Ron Stephen
Orange County, Ca.
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